Select grade: our premium grade, which displays uniform color and less variation in shade. It still exhibits small areas of character, which enhance the natural appearance of your exclusive floor. Planks are mostly free from knots, max. diameter of knots is 10 mm. Isolated small sound knots and little stress cracks are allowed, but filled with a matching color filler.


Classic grade: a grade characterized by a more vigorous palette in color, with sound knots and repaired
knots up to 40 mm. Heartwood, which enhances the natural appearance of this classic exclusive
floor, also might be present. The knots are repaired by gluing in the real wood knots in order to re-create a natural look. Especially by thermo-treated floorboards variation in color enhances the appearance of beauty.
Rustic grade: a grade characterized by more picturesque patterns of wood, without restrictions
on color variations. The quantity of sound knots is not restricted. Repaired knots up to 60 mm and
sapwood are allowed, which enhance the natural appearance of the floor. Also possible are cracks
up to 3 mm in width per 1/3 of the length of the board, filled with special filler or polyamide.
                     black filler                                 color matching filler
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