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Heated floors



Heated floors

JSC "Volunta Parket" parquet as any other covering with heating elements has to be installed on the dried base. The base drying is performed by heating and cooling the floor. Just when the base is absolutely dry the installation works can be started.


The installer has to know the main rules specific for heating floors' installation and follow them:

  • It is possible to start floors heating 20 after the installation works are completed.
  • The heating is proceeded gradually increasing the temperature not more than 5C every day until the max output is reached. Max temperature must be preserved at least for one day.
  • The floor has to be cooled then by reducing the temperature not more than 5C every day.
  • The cycle of heating and cooling takes 14 days. In order to have better dried base it is recommended to repeat the cycle for several times.
  • Now the parquet boards can be installed in accordance with DIN18356 (heating floors' surface temperature has to be approx. 15C, humidity - 50-60%).
  • the same conditions are required to keep in the room for one week after the installation works completion until the glue fully hardens.

If these works cannot be professionally provided by your own, please seek for specialist help. The best results will be provided after the complete fulfilment of these requirements.