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Black alder

Heated floors



The first three-layer parquet boards were produced in the middle of the last century. Wooden floors were always treated as the base feet base. Due its natural beauty, warmth and ecology they are pretty different from all the other floor covers, especially those, used in the living areas. However, this naturalism has disadvantages and the main is moving of the wood, which appears because of the climatic conditions’ changes in the room. In order to confine the unacceptable wooden floor moving and let the customer to take pleasure in natural cover three-layer construction was created.


Tests have shown that wood does not shrinks or expands evenly hither and thither. Least of all the wood moves in its length. The wood moves 20 times worse athwart flutes and even 50 times worse parallel flutes.


Considering that three-layer construction was worked out:

Top-layer is cut of solid hard wood.  This is 4,5 mm thickness wear layer, for which production oak, beech, ash, black alder as well as aged oak, beech, ash and black alder can be used. The wood of the top-layer determines parquet board’s strength and usage time. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that three-layer parquet as any other parquet can be renewed by sanding 4,5 mm top-layer and coating it with at least 4 times.

The middle-layer determines the stability and strength of the construction. It is made of glued, radially cut lamellas. Most of three-layer parquet producers use softwood for the middle- and back-layer, but JSC “Volunta Parket” uses only hardwood  - birch and black alder - for middle-layer. This helps to increase the resistance to the atmospheric influence. The middle-layer is glued across the top- and back-layers. Therefore the moving of the floor is decreased to minimum.

For the back-layer solid 1,5 mm thickness birch veneer is used.


Despite its unique construction three-layer parquet boards have more advantages comparing to solid parquet. The greatest is mechanical lacquering. The parquet boards are covered with 6 layers resistant, ecological, UV-light processed, industrial Akzo Nobel acrylic lacquer. Mechanical sanding and lacquering helps to achieve the result that isn’t able to achieve by sanding and lacquering manually.


  • Large dimensions of parquet boards determine very quick lay.
  • Precise dimensions of parquet boards guaranty the best laying result.
  • Mechanical lacquering helps to save client’s time and money for sanding and lacquering.
  • The client can select the wood kind to his taste or matching to interior because of the top-layer variety offered by JSC “Volunta Parket”.